The rare condition, called scrotal lymphedema, means that his scrotum will continue to grow – putting him at risk of infection that could turn his body septic.

So far, his mum Tanya Bowd, who is also his carer, has managed to raise AUS $5,700 in donations for the surgery. However, they still need more money, and Tryone’s quality of life is rapidly diminishing. His scrotum is currently down to his knees and he can barely walk.

He has seen hundreds of specialists, but there aren’t any doctors in Australia that can perform the operation.

Ms Bowd said to “No one can help us in Australia. I had doctors discuss building a team to give surgery a go, only to be told by a urologist that if I was to sign on the dotted line and allow anyone in Australia to operate I would be signing my son’s life away.”

However, she soon learnt of a Californian specialist called Dr Joel Geldman, who has performed a similar operation in the past in which he was able to remove a man’s 60kg scrotum with full preservation of his penis and testicles.

Ms Bowd has been in touch with him but so far she does not have access to funds to pay for the operation.

She is currently organising a fundraiser for Tryone in their home city of Ipswich.

“Tryone is always trying to make everyone he meets laugh,” she said. “He loves fast cars, motorbikes, playing jokes, listening to music and spending time with people.”

Image credit: Twitter