tnt-destinations---uk-and-ireland-suppleWith the inaugural TNT Destinations supplement being an overwhelming success, we thought we should follow up quickly with the next edition, focussing on the UK & Ireland.

If you are a tour operator, regional tourist board, tourist attraction/ facility or accommodation provider this supplement is a must for you.

The TNT Destinations Supplement is a unique product in the marketplace as it is a hybrid print and digital publication distributed to over 100,000 recipients and gives the advertiser tremendous “bang for their buck”!

The print product is distributed with an issue of TNT as a tear-out and keep supplement. Giving your advertisement greater shelf life as TNT readers collect each supplement to be used as a reference tool for themselves and their friends.

 In addition to this it also has the enhanced digital elements of readers being able to connect directly to your website or to email you through your advert.  It also allows you to stream audio and video messages through your adverts, making the advertising totally interactive and ultimately more informative.

Take advantage of the 10% early bird Discount – TNT must receive confirmation of the order by 23rd July 2010

To view the media pack click here

To view the Destinations Europe edition click here

To find out more or to book your advert contact Kevin Ellis on 0207 341 6667 or email