1. The New York Dolls play their first gig at a home shelter, 1971

Arguably one of the first punk rock bands ever to have come out, the Dolls’ style and outrageous cross dressing spawned much of what was to come in the punk rock era. They also influenced important new things like glam metal and new wave.

2. CBGB & OMFUG opens its doors to punk rock, 1974

 ‘Country Bluegrass Blues & Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers’ (Gormandizer usually meaning a hungry food eater, in this case an eater of music) gave birth to the American punk movement in the East Village. Perhaps most importantly, the Ramones and Television played their first show there in 1974.

3. The release of Blitzkrieg Bop, 1975

The Ramones released their first single in 1975 and proved to the world they can make catchy tunes with just three to four chords, i.e the three chord wonder. Here’s a snippet of a few songs. 

4. The Pogo Dance, 1976

Sid Vicious claimed to have invented this dance move in 1976. The pogo is essentially the act of jumping up and down in the same spot, occasionally spilling beer on your head. Whether or not Sid invented this remains to be confirmed but since it’s been the only move true to punk rockers, the invention of the Pogo still makes it in the top 10 moments of punk history.

5. Sex Pistols on Today with Bill Grundy, 1975:

Siouxsie Sioux and The Sex Pistols were given a mere 90 seconds of air time with television presenter Bill Grundy. Foolishly Grundy thought 90 seconds wouldn’t give them enough time to cause any harm but Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones’ four letter outbursts quickly made front page headlines and caused much national outrage.


6. Joe Strummer sticks up for band mate Topper Headon, circa 1972

The interview goes to show what a no bullshit guy Joe Strummer was. He flips out at a snide journo remark on Topper Headons drug taking – telling him he’s going to piss on him. Ha! 

7. Bikini Kill and the emergence of Riot Grrrl bands  

Who doesn’t like maaaayd women who play the guitar? The 1990s saw the birth of riot grrl bands, the first ever feminist punk movement set on teaching the world about chicks with picks and shitlists. Check out L7’s – Shitlist.

8. Patti Smith, 1946

Patti Smith was brought into this world to teach us all about the world of skinny jeans, nonsensical poems and how to look good in wayfarers without looking like Bobby D.    

9. Andy Czezowski opens The Roxy in London, 1977

The Clash perform on opening night at The Roxy, London’s CBGB equivalent. The Heartbreakers also make an appearance. 

10. (*BEST*) Nina Hagen creates a media brawl after appearing on Austrian talk-show Club 2 (*BEST*)

Crazy punk rocker Nina Hagen almost gets her guts out in a heated explanation of what the female orgasm is. She even stimulates it. Naughty German.