Here are some tips to help you get around and enjoy your time in this crazy city, which can feel like the centre of the world…

Get around…

Making your way around the big smoke can be pretty daunting and causes the most trouble when you first arrive. That tube map can look pretty daunting (it’s like some crazy, colourful dot to dot) and with everyone rushing around, looking sure of themselves, you can be left standing in the tube station, unsure what to do and which platform to head towards.

Conquer this by downloading an app on your phone, which plans routes, tells you of closures or any issues with lines and is simple to use. mxData’sTube Map – London Underground app comes highly recommended and can be downloaded for free.

…and save money

You can also save lots of money on your tube commute by joining Commuter Club, which offers annual travelcards for a significantly lower price and with the added bonus of never having to wait in that dreaded queue at the ticket machine on a Monday morning.

If you’re more of a bus sort of person (they are usually quicker for getting around and mean no sweaty Underground trips) it’s important to note that they don’t accept cash anymore – you can pay with a contactless debit card or your Oyster.

Stay healthy…

When living in a densely populated city, health is of great importance and there is always some new class or group popping up for you to try out. Be brave and take part in a naked yoga class or head to Bounce bar to mix socialising with sport and enjoy a furious game of Ping Pong with friends over a drink.

London also offers lots of guided walks, including ghost walks with theatrical performers, so if you have a spare couple of hours book yourself onto one of these and learn more about the city.

…and have regular health checks

London can get loud, so it’s important that if you have recently moved to the area that you check your hearing is in tiptop shape by paying a visit to renowned hearing specialist Hidden Hearing’s new flagship store, which is opening soon on Maddox Street.

Head online to and book yourself in for a free hearing test, then on the day hop off at Oxford Street and have your ears thoroughly checked, before dashing to Selfridges for some retail therapy.

In case of emergency…

When considering your health, always keep in mind that a heart attack, stroke or panic attack can happen at any time and are three of the most common reasons for calling out the emergency services.

Now there is a way to get help immediately before paramedics arrive, with a specially designed app called GoodSAM. Download the Alerter app and fill in your details, in a medical emergency use the app to alert a trained SAM (Smartphone Activated Medic) in the area, who will come to your assistance if they are close by. Watch this video for a demo on how the app works.

…play with kittens

Stay sane in the chaotic London scene and enjoy a cappuccino whilst playing with some cute rehomed cats, in a quiet environment. Animals instantly make us feel better, so if you’ve had a long day then a visit to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium café should calm you right down. You will have to book a spot though, apparently cat therapy is very popular!

Whilst in London, keep these practical tips in mind and you’ll be navigating the tubes, saving money and staying in tip top shape like a pro.