New York, NY, USA

Known to some as the “capital of the world”, New York arguable lives up to this title. This financial and artistic hub has a little something for everyone, with stunning parks, Wall Street and even Broadway for those interested in theatre. There is no shortage of restaurants serving all kinds of food, and enough stores to make sure that even your most difficult friends and family can have some kind of souvenir.  If there is any city to visit at least once in your lifetime, New York is the one. Just make sure you look into American visa registration to avoid disappointment at the airport.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is quite possibly one of the most historically rich cities in Europe – at least, for modern history. There are reminders everywhere of the city’s past, and discovery tours are a must for anyone with an interest in history – or even just in society as a whole. See the remaining segments of the Berlin Wall, covered top-to-bottom in stunning art, or visit the holocaust memorial, a collection of concrete slabs arranged around a sloping field that has a confusing, uneasy atmosphere. The nightlife is just as worth checking out for those who are interested, with a youthful, well-known energy injected into the city streets after hours.

London, UK

London is a city that never gets dull. Even if you live in the UK, London is like a holiday on your front doorstep, filled with culture, entertainment and the reassurance that there will always be something for everyone at every corner. As the hub of the UK, London has everything from shopping and a bustling nightlife, to the West End and the Royal Opera House. With good transport links across the city in addition, the city is well worth a visit – even just to see Big Ben!

Dublin, Ireland

Despite Dublin’s history, the city certainly doesn’t allow it to weigh down. With the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College and the Book of Kells, and the famous Temple Bar, there certainly isn’t a lack of things to do in this vibrant city. In the past years, the city has grown incredibly, introducing excellent shopping, eateries and plenty of good quality, affordable hotels to make your break, whether just a weekend or longer, easy and luxurious.

Venice, Italy

Known as one of the most romantic cities in Europe, Venice is set within a lagoon in North East Italy. Made up of 177 canals, 400 bridges and 118 islands, this history-rich city in a picturesque haven for holiday-goers. Staying in the city can be more beneficial than simply visiting for a day trip, as once things begin to calm down you really get a feel for the calm romance that the city is littered with. It really is well worth a visit at least once, if only for the knowledge that you have visited one of the most beautiful cities on earth.