Being left alone to contemplate exactly which physical mutation or personality deficiency has kept the suitors away in droves (as all your loved-up mates get drunk and get it on), does not a happy February 14 make.

Well, bollocks to that, misery guts! We reckon you’d be far better off ditching the ‘woe is me’ routine and embracing the wonders of singledom – namely, that you’re well within your rights to go out and snog the face off any handsome stranger you like. (Though, you should probably seek their consent first.)

And with that, we present the cities with the best-looking locals. These provide holidays fit only for singletons, who can take full advantage of what’s on view – far better than an expensive dinner and a routine shag, wethinks.

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1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has to come out on top (you should be so lucky, *wink wink*), where the locals – or Portenos – seldom fail to set the pulse racing. A sizzling mix of Spanish and Italian genes has produced a super-race of Mediterranean-style lovelies, all working their dusky broodiness 
to maximum effect. Just see Jordan’s ex, Leandro Penna (pictured above), for a textbook case of Argentine hotness.

The Argentine capital is also the best place to meet raunchy residents out for a good time, such is the scale of the party scene. BA’s clubs don’t get going until after 1am, and the dancing and drinking continues past dawn. Grab some mates (the uglier the better if you’re going to clean up) and embark on a club crawl – you’re unlikely to come home empty-handed.

Jet (on Av Costanera Rafael Obligado) and Pacha ( 
are the big superclubs, and don’t 
close until 9am, so prepare yourself 
for a long night.

Sensuality is sewn into the very fabric of Argentine life: think the storm-and-smoulder of the Tango; full-bodied red wines; and melt-in-the-mouth, perfectly pink slabs of meat.

And make sure you bring the passion when poised to pull a local – modesty won’t get you anywhere.


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%TNT Magazine% LA HOT

2 Los Angeles, US

You could argue that it’s against the rules if the good looks are surgically enhanced, but the fact is LA is home 
to more hotties than most.

Los Angeles’ iconic ‘Hollywood’ sign is a homing beacon for the genetically blessed; from all corners of the globe, they converge on the City of Angels, dreaming of stardom.

Lucky for you, most end up as waiters, so you can take advantage of their battered 
egos and bag yourself a real beauty.


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3 Stockholm, Sweden

You know how everyone makes jokes about Swedes and porn? That’s cos they wish they could watch Swedes in porn.

It only takes a five-minute stroll through Stockholm to realise Sweden is guilty of some sort of genetic-engineering conspiracy – one that produces Aryan, model-grade stunners.

No wonder you feel like you’ve seen a lot of Swedes naked. It’s just that, unfortunately, it was all in your head.


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4 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Voted the most attractive by Travel & Leisure readers, the locals of San Juan were rated top for their friendliness, as well as their looks, which might just give you a better chance of scoring. Or, at the very least, an opening.

Think sexy Latino girls shaking their bon-bons (J-Lo’s parents are both Puerto Rican) and buff dudes with plenty of god-given rhythm, all posing, pouting and gyrating on the capital city’s formidably sexy nightlife scene.

Tip: you’re going to want to dress up.


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%TNT Magazine% DUBAI HOT

5 Dubai, UAE

Controversial, yes, but not only are 
the Arab playboys of Dubai fabulously good-looking – think long eyelashes 
and smouldering dark eyes – but the 
vast majority are filthy rich, too.

The rules around modesty go out the window the moment you enter a nightclub, but, whatever you do, remember the legality of the dating game here – getting it on before marriage is illegal.

Make sure the 
only sex on the beach you have is 
served in a glass …