Is there anyone Jeremy Clarkson hasn't yet offended?

The big-mouth TV presenter is again in trouble after being

filmed parking in a disabled bay for the latest episode of Top Gear.

During a road test of electric cars shown in Sunday's

London screening of the hit show, Clarkson and co-host James May were spotted parking their vehicles in spaces clearly marked with a wheelchair


Disabled Motoring UK's Jim Rawlings told the Daily Star he was  unimpressed with the pair's antics.

"People patently not disabled, like Clarkson and May,

obviously didn't have a passing care that a disabled person might have

needed those spaces."

The BBC insisted  Clarkson and May were given permission by the owners of the business attached to the car park.

"Had a disabled motorist arrived we would have made way for

them immediately," the BBC said.

The latest complaint involving Clarkson comes just days

after the 51-year-old was cleared of mocking and ridiculing Jesus

Christ in a Christmas special episode of Top Gear.

Tempers flared after Clarkson was seen attempting and failing to walk on water and alleging he was able to cure the sick. The  BBCfound Clarkson had not done anything wrong.

And just last week Clarkson attracted further complaints after making an on-air joke at

the expense of Scottish Euromillions winners Colin and Chris Weir.

He said the rotund couple would need to lose weight if they planned

to spend some of their winnings on a Formula-1-style car.