London Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur are investigating a move to the new Olympic Stadium after 2012 but would then tear it down and reconstruct another multimillion-pound stadium.

“At the moment we only have one guaranteed option,” said David Keirle, the architect in charge of designing Tottenham’s redevelopment, as well as preparing the club’s Olympic Park proposal. “But White Hart Lane can’t provide some things we’d like it to, so we started looking at lots of sites.

“We had extended dialogue with the London Development Agency at an earlier stage about the Stratford Olympic Park site and made it clear that would be a preferred option if we could come to some arrangement about how we could move there.”

Spurs are currently redeveloping White Hart Lane and but have submitted a proposal to the Olympic Park Legacy Committee (OPLC) to take over the Olympic stadium after the competition. Previously, West Ham have been seen as the frontrunners to move into the Olympic site, but they now appear to have serious competition from their north London rivals.

If Spurs succeed, they will remove the exterior of the 80,000-capacity stadium after the Games and construct a 60,000-seat stadium, costing £100m to £150m.