Tottenham locals condemned this weekend’s rioting, saying their community is now dead.

Rioters on Saturday night smashed windows, ransacked shops and burned down buildings, including a 1930s property that had survived the Blitz.

Shop owner Derek Lewis, 62, who lives behind Glickman’s DIY shop, was born and bred in Tottenham.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I was here during the Keith Blakelock riot in the 80s, but that was contained on a housing estate, this was 100 times worse. This community was already dying, now it’s dead. I can’t see how it will come back from this.”

Theresa Monuro, 54, a support worker, told the paper: “I’ve lived in Tottenham 20-odd years and I’ve never seen anything like this. They were burning everyone’s property. It’s disgraceful.”

London riots spread from Tottenham to Brixton

The riots, sparked by the shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan by Metropolitan Police officers, caused millions of pounds worth of damage.

Forty-nine shops and businesses in Tottenham were torched, rioters were looting and bus stops and phone boxes were destroyed.

Sammy Williams’ courier business was trashed, and rioters stole computers, money, CCTV equipment and they also ripped a cash machine from the wall.

Ghanian-born Williams, 58, believes many people got involved not because of Duggan’s shooting, but out of anger with the authorities.

“These kids have nothing to do, no job, no opportunity. This riot was a way for them to get their frustrations out.”

Recent government cuts in Haringey have seen teenage clubs closed after a 75% cut in youth services funds.

Last night, rioting spread to other parts of London and prompted police to make over 100 arrests.