A spectator threw tacks on the road during the race’s 14th stage, causing punctures the bikes of as many as 30 riders, including defending champion Australian Cadel Evans.

Wiggins’ sportsmanship allowed Evan the chance to move back into the main group.

“I thought it was the honourable thing to do,” Wiggins said of his adherance to Tour etiquette, which dictates riders do not take advantage of their competitors’ misfortune.

Wiggins almost endured misfortune of his own on Saturday after being hit by a flare fired by another spectator.

“It’s something we can’t control,” the BBC reported Wiggins as saying. “It’s sad. These are the type of things we have to put up with as cyclists.

“I think people take that for granted sometimes, just how close they can get to us. If that happened in a football stadium, or wherever, you’d be arrested, CCTV.”

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