Even at this self-proclaimed “hedge fund with heart and soul”, there’s no time for friends or family, and it’s really getting to super bright, unlucky in love Fiona (Hazel Gardner)  a junior portfolio analyst who has the brains but not the backbone to climb the greasy pole and has already made a rather half-hearted attempt at slitting her wrists.

Now she thinks she’s unearthed some shady dealings, and the pressure is really on despite the ever increasing assistance of top flight concierge service, Personal Liberty,  engaged by her  high-handed boss (Jonathan Dryden Taylor)  to free up his staff  so they can devote more time to the really important business of increasing profits.

A well-researched if over-stretched plot, lively performances and the nifty lyrics of the pleasingly intertwined songs (unobtrusively accompanied by a four-piece band tucked away in the corner) combine to make this an unexpectedly pleasant way to spend an evening,  worth spending a few quid on even if you’re not a well-heeled financial whiz. 

Leicester Square Theatre
6 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BX
Tube: Piccadilly Circus
Until April 14
£15 – £17.50

Louise Kingsley