I’m planning a trip through Eastern Europe in June. I’ve booked a flight into Krakow and out of Budapest, and have mapped out a route that includes Prague, Vienna, and Bratislava. What’s the best way to travel between them? Although cost is 
a consideration, I’m more interested in 
what you think we’d get the most out of.
Lara, via email


This is undoubtedly a journey best taken by train. From Krakow it’s about nine hours to Prague. It’s about five hours onward to Vienna, and less than three hours from Bratislava to Budapest. I’d recommend travelling the Krakow- to-Prague route on the overnight train, as this is such a long journey. The sleeper train departs from Krakow at 21.54 and arrives in Prague at 07.50 the next day, starting from £63.50 for 
a seat or £118 for a double sleeper.

The only journey I’d suggest an alternative mode of transport for is between Vienna and Bratislava, when the most rewarding form of travel will be by boat along the Danube. Travel with Twin City Liner ( between the two cities in less than 90 minutes, for as little as £28. You’ll find that travelling by train and boat lets you experience the fabulous scenery between these destinations, as well as the 
cities themselves.

Rail Europe ( is a great site to view ticket prices for your journeys and Man in Seat 61 ( offers up reams of information regarding train travel in this region.


I’m thinking of going on a road trip for 10-14 days this summer. The problem is that I don’t know where to go. I want to stay in Europe, be somewhere warm and sunny (but not too hot), and close to the sea. It shouldn’t be too expensive, either. 
Do you have any tips? Teresa, via email


If you’re going to fly-drive, I’ll plump for Corsica. You can hire a car at the airport, and the island is covered with scenic ribbon-thin roads, which snake between pretty villages, stunning beaches, and an inland mountainous landscape that’s great for hiking.

Check out the D18B, which runs along the coast between cosmopolitan coastal city Calvi and the small seaside resort of Galéria. This narrow route clings to the cliff and is not one for the faint-hearted, but the views are spectacular!

If you’re driving from the UK, why not try the Netherlands? The weather will be pleasant but not overpowering in summer. You can travel on Stena Line’s ferry service from Harwich to the Hook of Holland for less than £200 for a car and two passengers. Here, you can combine city exploring with beach breaks, too. Head to the island of Texel for broad, white-sand beaches, and stop off at Haarlem en route for a taste of the historic Netherlands.

Alternatively, take the ferry to France and drive through Northern France and Belgium to reach the Netherlands. This will only take you three-and-a-half hours and will allow you to take in the sights of Ghent and Antwerp, too.

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Chocolate buffet

If you are planning 
a stopover in Singapore, make sure you go to the Fullerton Hotel on Friday or Saturday night, when the most sumptuous chocolate buffet is served in the foyer of the hotel. No need to book, just turn up. But make sure you don’t have dinner before the feast, otherwise you will explode (because there is no limit to how much chocolate you can consume).
Julia Hancock, via email

How to smuggle

If travelling on Ryanair and struggling to cram things in your hand luggage, wear a small handbag under your coat, wear your leggings under your jeans, stick some singlet tops up your arm sleeves, and undies in your socks under your jeans. Should just about do it.
Nicole Lambe, via Facebook