Thousands of people who are mad about dairy gather at the top of Cooper’s Hill in Brockworth each year to chase a seven-pound wheel of double gloucester cheese down a very steep incline. The first to snatch the milky, mud-covered block gets to keep it and be covered in cheesy glory … and mud.

Why: The eccentric event has been running for 200 years, with a few setbacks. During World War Two rationing, a wooden block was used, but by all accounts it wasn’t as much fun. In 2011, official sponsorship stopped due to the number of injuries so passionate locals organise it themselves.

Do it because: Anyone can join in the festivities and, if you fancy it, there are races to the top of the hill in between each of the five cheese rolls too. Feeling a bit anxious? Stop in at the nearby Cheese Rollers pub for a little Dutch (Edam) courage. Arf arf. 

May 28 

Photo: Getty