Those words give me a sinking feeling every time my better half and I have to go to the airport together.

If he had his way, we’d spend more time in departure lounges than we would on holiday (of course he says if it was up to me we’d never get there at all).

He’s one of the majority of UK flight passengers that, according to’s new survey, aim to arrive at the airport over three hours ahead of their flight.

I am definitely not among that number. Arriving the recommended two hours early is already ridiculous – they blatantly only tell you that so you wander around duty free for ages and buy loads of crap you don’t need. Give me an extra hour in bed, or even better, snoozing on some hot sands any day, rather than aimlessly sniffing expensive perfumes I’m never going to buy. What a waste of precious holiday time.

Sadly my boyfriend and I can’t even settle our differences once we get to the airport. When the board goes red and flashes the message: ‘Gate now closing’ I’m of the opinion it really means: ‘Hey there guys, take your time finishing up your coffees, go to the loo and pick up a mag from WH Smith. Forgotten to get a bottle of water? Oops! No prob, nip back, then mosey on down – we’d never actually leave without you, obviously!’

He’s under the delusion they put that message up to let you know the gate is closing. I will go so far as to say this difference of interpretation has caused tension in the past.

What’s your travelling style? Like to be hours early for your flight or is it a last-minute dash? Let us know!

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