Starbucks has introduced a new cup size called Trenta, which is bigger than the human stomach.

The new size is 63 per cent larger than the Venti (561ml), which previously was Starbucks largest size.

The cup can be filled with 917ml of iced bevarages  – close to one liter of liquids – and most people won’t even be able to fit its contents into their stomachs.

Nicaragua’s coffee plantations

The US coffee chain says that it is responding to customer demand, and that the product was successful in a trial run in selected stores in America last year.

Even though the  transparent cup is huge, Starbucks said that the drinks served in ‘Trenta’ would have fewer than 90 calories for unsweetened drinks and sweetened versions fewer than 230, according to the National Post.

Meanwhile, fitness blog HealthHabits called the supersized mug “a breakthrough for human obesity” and that it “raises the calorie count of the Iced peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from 700 up to 904”.

They also told readers that although the ‘Trenta’ measurement was larger than most people’s stomachs, the stomachs of customers who had had three or four Trenta-sized drinks soon would expand to accommodate the huge amount of liquid.

The mug is launched in 14 American states this week, and should be available for purchase all over America by early May.

It has not yet been announced if ‘Trenta’ will be making it onto the UK market or not.