The hapless hounds, who probably don’t quite grasp the fact that they’re being publicly called out for their naughty habits and snappy behaviour, are accompanied by signs that tell the world they’ve been a bad boy, submitted by their vengeful owners.

Stinky but tasty

One dog is accused of eating his owner’s ‘wine puke’ and then trying to lick their face. Surely that’s helpful?

Another murdered a field mouse in cold blood and countless more have been generally destroying their owner’s homes by chewing carpets, ripping up sofas and peeing everywhere. Man’s best friend indeed.

Puke is full of goodness

Surely a ‘good dog’ tumblr is required to right these wrongs? And, after all, a dog is only as well behaved as their owner lets them be. 

A fine diet

Perhaps these poor pooches need a bit more love and attention from owners spending too much spare time surfing the internet and not enough time throwing sticks and going for walkies…

We all would if we could

Isn’t it everyones? 

A handy hoover hound

All images via Tumblr / Dogshaming