Tunisian protestors once again clashed with police on Tuesday, showing their disapproval with the shape of the new transitional government, with many RCD party members from the previously ruling party, staying on in their old posts.

“We don’t want the same old order, the same old government. We want a new chapter, new pages, new lines for Tunisia,” said student Elias Majeru to the Washington Post .

And the protestors on the street are not alone in believing that the new government needs to change completely.

Tourists trying toleave Tunisia

Tourists encouraged to make their way home

Four members of Tunisia’s new coalition government quit yesterday in protest of the continuing power of RCD members.

The leader of the opposition, CPR party leader Moncef Marzouki, who’s been in exile in France for 20 years, also condemned the RCD members presense in government.

“The RCD is a parasite. They exploited the apparatus of the state. When we take them away, the state will function much better. Luckily, in Tunisia we have a great bureaucracy that can run the state,” he told the BBC.

The government announced that 78 people have been killed in total since the protests started in mid-December.

It has cost the economy of the Tunisia $1.6bn euros (£1.34bn).