It’s 2008. The economy has crashed. Life for many people is about to irrevocably change. 

Lemonade follows the stories of eight people from the advertising industry who, after being given their ‘pink slips’, use this experience as the catalyst to start something new. 

A live-streamed Q&A with writer/director Erik Proulx will follow, along with a panel discussion with special guests.

Go and meet people who are creating interesting things that matter and find out what it takes to kick-start your own passion project. 

The event organiser, Louise Barnard, is doing just that. She started Mattr, a company set up to explore how those in the creative, design and marketing community can make more of what they do matter. 

This event marks the start of a trip around the UK & the US where Louise will be meeting and interviewing people in the creative, design and business  community who are out there creating things that matter. You can meet her at this event, and follow her journey and get involved at

Doors open at 6.30pm. Screening at 7pm. Q&A at 7.30pm. Followed by an opportunity for drinks & networking. 

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