The ever strange and wholly unpredictable David Lynch and his co-writer on the series Mark simultaneously tweeted on Sunday evening: “Dear Twitter Friends, That gum you like is going to come back in style!”, a cryptic reference to a line from the show spoken backwards by a dwarf (of course!!). 

Their twin-tweets though, while suggesting that a return could be on the cards, could scarcely be belived because oh, well, because the pair had dodged questions on this subject for years – pretty much since the show’s final episode ended back in 1991. But, what was to follow stunned fans. 

The duo are currently working on scripts, Lynch is said to be directing each episode, and the new series will be hitting screens in 2016 – 25 years after its final run back in 1991. But then, as anyone who’s caught Lynch’s surreal masterwork will know, this I many ways comes as no surprise. 

Laura Palmer, the character around whose murder the show revolves, famously says in the show, “I’’ll see you in 25 years!” Lynch and Frost have seen this as a way back into the show, Frost explained to The New York Times. 

Or perhaps it has all been the longest long-con in TV history!

Check out the teaser video below: