The tag #fivewordsforcameron was started by former Labour deputy prime minister John Prescott, a self proclaimed ‘cyber warrior’.

The majority of tweets were generally offensive and littered with rude words, although some took it as an opportunity to voice opinions and drop the odd funny remark.

In the political category:

@bigvoicelondon – Save youth services from cuts! #fivewordsforCameron
@joe_riordan – Doesn’t care about young people. #fivewordsforCameron
@ninja_squirrel9 – Act for britain not banks #fivewordsforCameron
@RSPCA_official #fivewordsforcameron – Cameron, please veto #BadgerCull
@CMangi – cut benefits, make work pay!! #fivewordsforCameron
@JohnPrescott – Always blame the last Government #fivewordsforcameron
@TonyDowling – #fivewordsforcameron WHOSE CRISIS? BANKERS SHOULD PAY!
@a_y_alex – #FivewordsforCameron You have broken “Broken Britain”.
@socialistudents – #fivewordsforcameron Just looking after the 1%

…and @NickMotown who may be thinking of the wrong man, filmmaker James Cameron, who said: Please don’t make Avatar 2. #fivewordsforcameron

Meanwhile, the jokers dropped in their remarks:

@rosiejones – #fivewordsforcameron you’re on santas naughty list
@misskylie77 – How’s that austerity working out? #fivewordsforcameron
@RachaelBridge – can I borrow a tenner? #fivewordsforcameron
@megan_eileen – students need more vodka money #fivewordsforcameron
A popular repeated insult – #fivewordsforcameron putting the N in cuts.

In support of our beleaguered PM, some came out to drop in support for Dave:

@JA_Bridges – Don’t back down on Europe. #fivewordsforcameron
@KanePaterson #fivewordsforcameron… “dick….but better than milliband!”
@Robertodipaola – #fivewordsforcameron Best prime minister since Thatcher

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