A Times investigation alleges Carr has been employing  the K2 tax scheme. Under the scheme, the beneficiary transfers income to a trust based in Jersey, which then loans him or her the money back. Since the loan could theoretically be recalled, it is not liable for income tax.

The newpaper wrote the total lost to the taxman from the 1,100 individuals employing this arrangement may reach £168 million.

Carr is alleged to save £3.3 million a year through the system.


Wits were all over Carr via Twitter.

“Jimmy Carr avoided 1/2000 of what Vodafone still haven’t paid,” said Steve Anderson. “They go after him first?”

“Jimmy Carr keeps eight out of 10 pounds,” tweeted Andrew Bloch. “Maybe he should hide his jokes offshore.”

Danny Baker  ‏@prodnose added an element of perspective as the masses went for Carr’s throat: “Wonder how many

@jimmycarr tweeters are in Topshop using a Vodaphone bought via Amazon to express their ‘tax-avoider’ outrage.”

But Scouser funnyman John Bishop nailed it with this tweet: “To be honest @jimmycarr ‘s finances are like his jokes – every comedian in the country read it and said I wish I thought of that!”

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