Even though it’s not illegal, the Electoral Commission is fearing that people who take snaps could jeopardise the secrecy of the ballot – and potentially reveal how other people are voting.

Anyone who accidentally or otherwise reveals how another person votes can face a £5k fine or six months in prison.

Polling station staff have been urged to put up posters saying ‘No photography’ and have even been given training on what to do if they spot someone holding a phone in a selfie-like pose.

Still planning on taking that ‘historic’ selfie when you vote? Good luck – the booths have open backs, so everyone can see you, and eagle-eyed staff will be on your case at once.

An electoral services manager at an East of England local authority told BBC News that if they spot anyone taking a picture, they’ll ask them to delete it, but they will not ‘try to wrestle the phone out of their hands’. Good to know.

Image credit: Thinkstock