A brand new range of cheeky guidebooks launching next month promises not only to help you avoid the odd faux-pas and spare your blushes while holidaying abroad, but will also to teach you to swear like a native. Or a navvy.

The French, German, Italian and Spanish phrasebooks from Marco Polo feature a wide range of slang and colloquial phrases, plus an entire section on ‘Ranting, Bitching and Swearing’.

Marco Polo promises to equip you with the language that is really spoken on the streets, and armed with expressions such as “bullshit!”, “kiss my ass” and “that pisses me off!” you will never be left frustrated or lost for words in foreign climes again.

The books also feature local knowledge and advice on how to blend in, including ‘insider tips’ on how to pass for a native, not just a tourist.

Tips include French dining etiquette (it’s considered de rigueur to turn up 15 minutes late when invited over for a meal) and how to avoid accidentally ordering condoms when you ask for an organic foodstuff.

Image credit: Thinkstock