UK work permits

Micahel Atkinson at Capital Visas answers your visa questions.

Q. I’m from New Zealand and on a five-year work permit here. I’m only staying until August though, as my job is not what it promised. I’m off travelling for five months, but am wondering if there will be an issue when I re-enter London to fly out?

Also, can I expect my employer to cancel my work permit? Will I need to have proof to show immigration officials that I don’t plan to stay and work in the UK?

A. Your work permit is only valid while you are employed by your sponsoring company. Should you leave your employment, you have 28 days to make another application to stay in the UK.

If you leave your employment for five months you won’t be able to re-enter the UK as a Tier 2 General or Work Permit holder and an attempt to do so will complicate matters.

You will have to re-enter as a visitor and at the port of entry convince immigration officers that you have enough money to support yourself and intend on returning to New Zealand. Your employer may inform the Home Office that you are no longer a work permit holder in their employment.

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