Q. I recently took a job selling insurance that requires me to travel around the country. My girlfriend can’t stand it and has suggested we break up. What should I do?

Reuben says: Distance can sure put a strain on even the most robust relationship.

I used to work for a trucking company, driving big rigs cross-country.
I’d be away from my sweetheart for weeks at a time. She warned me that
our love was turning cold, but I was hooked on the lifestyle; the
freedom, the cheap speed and the anonymous homosexual roadside liaisons
that accompany life behind the wheel.

Now, though, I realise she was the best thing I ever had – even better than cottaging and cut-price amphetamines.

Don’t make the same mistake; tell your lady that the road is dark and
it’s a thin, thin line, but that you’ll walk it for her any time. But
if that doesn’t keep her happy, then you should make a clean break; you
may be better off exploring yourself, and others, at deserted truck

Ruby says: Let her go – she should just be happy to have a man with a job. Do you know how much skirt you’ll be able to get now that you’re in a different town every other week?

There are few more powerful erotic thrills than a mysterious stanger who rolls into town on a dark, stormy night, carrying an attaché case full of competitively priced insurance policies, and then disappears immediately after sex – you are now uniquely placed to exploit this.

A glamourous career awaits you – one of high-class chain motels and the brights lights of mid-sized towns throughout regional England – don’t let this girl stop you from living the dream. She’s probably just bitter that you’re not taking her with you.

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