Hundreds of fans had to leave before the singer even came on stage, as he didn’t make an appearance until 10.35 pm.
Parent Lloyd Becker, whose wife took their eight-year-old daughter Isabella to the concert and told the Daily Mail she was left devastated by Bieber’s behaviour.

He told MailOnline: “By the time Bieber came on, the kids were fed up and half asleep. They stayed for half an hour and then left, so they missed all the best songs.”

“Keeping the fans waiting for two hours is an absolute disgrace. Isabella got to bed at after one in the morning and then had to get up for school this morning. And I know that at least two or three children have actually missed school today because they couldn’t cope with the late night. Isabella absolutely hates him now.

“She’s going to see One Direction next month and I guarantee that they won’t be keeping their fans waiting for that long.”

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