Anyone out of work for more than a month will be legally obliged to become a sacking executive, the operatives of a new government agency, which large corporations can employ in order to save costs when sacking large quantities of their staff.

“We’re trying to make the UK as business friendly as possible,” said IDS.

“Sacking people is very expensive. What we’re doing is giving businesses the opportunity to give us the names and numbers and we’ll tell them face-to-face that they’re no longer needed.

“And not just that, we give anyone we sack that option to become a sacking executive than and there, so potentially, they may only be out of work for a matter of seconds.”

The scheme, green lit by the chancellor, who has used the new agency, the Organic Resources Realignment Executive, to sack staff at his family’s wallpaper company, described the initiative as, “just the kind of thing we need to get this country back on its feet”.

The Organic Resources Realignment Executive will also have an economics division, made up mainly of former bankers, who will assess market trends in order to recommend lay-offs to companies that may not have realised they needed to shed staff.

“Eventually, we’re hoping to create legislation that will give us the power to go into a company we’ve identified as struggling and  compel them to sack staff.

“Our operatives will be paid like traffic wardens, with a base wage, and then a significant performance related top-up,” said a source close to the minister.

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