Hong Kong is an important place present in south-eastern China. It is a modern hub which is known for its high rise buildings, dense population, and great shopping destination. But the tourists need to know more about this place which was once a British colony. So, let us know some of the unique places that one can visit in Hong Kong. 

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  1.  Ma Wan Ghost Town: 

Sometimes you need to visit places that will make you realize the reality of your existence. If you are in Hong Kong, then move away from the populated places and visit this ghost town. It is an abandoned village where you can still see the leftovers from the people who dwelled there. You can easily get a bus to this place which makes you realize the contrast that life brings. This place will provide you with the recluse that you may want when visiting a seemingly busy place. So, do visit this village if you want to visit a place which is different. 

  1. Find art: 

We think that it is very important to know more about the art of a place when you are visiting it. So, it is obvious that Hong Kong will also have art scattered around it. You can find everything from wall murals to proper art galleries. Some of the places where you can find street arts are Sheung Wan, Sai Street, Hollywood street. You can also go to the C&G Art Space, Cattle Depot, Osage Kwun Tong to find more art. SoHo is the place where you should go if you are in love with art galleries containing arts of different forms. 

  1. Monster Building at Quarry Bay: 

If you are from an urban background it is evident that you will think about polished high rises. But in a country like China, this isn’t always possible because of the dense population. For them, there are government subsidized housings, one of which is the Monster Building. This building is actually a conglomeration of different buildings which appear to be stacked on each other. This is a well-known place but rather than Instagramming about it, you can actually take the time out to know more about the people living within it. This is yet another place that will make you realize about your life. 

  1. Flower Tunnel in Un Chau Estate: 

When you are a busy place like Hong Kong, you will often feel that there isn’t much greenery which can add freshness to your day. Un Chau Estate is like any other housing complex, but the Flower Tunnel adds a difference to it. They planned the tunnel as they thought that the area needed more greenery. If you have someone special with you, definitely take them to this tunnel as it is beautiful when the flowers bloom. The pink Bougainvillea blossoms look exquisite right at the time of the sunrise. So, we will recommend you to visit this place as early as possible to beat the unnecessary crowd. 

  1. Visit the Upstairs Cafes: 

Most of us are used to the polish cafes which look really good and provides us with luxury coffee. You can definitely find them in Hong Kong. But to try something different you can discover the Upstairs Cafes. These are mainly located in the old buildings in their second levels. You may need to be a little patient to find some of them because of their locations. They always have a theme and are popular among the local youths. Some of our recommendations will be Mom’s Not Home, Ease Café and Cat Store. 

So, here are some of the unique places that you can visit in Hong Kong.