First you need to be enrolled to vote. If you’re currently enrolled, you can vote in person at an overseas voting centre.

Overseas voting centres are established at most Australian Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions around the world. Here in London it’s located at the Australia House, The Strand, WC 2B 4LA (Temple tube stop).

The AEC will also have early voting centres set up at some Australian airports before election day so you’ll be able to vote before you leave the country.

If you’re just here on holiday and prefer to vote by post for this election, you can apply online. Your postal vote will be sent to your nominated postal address once ballot papers are available. You can’t actually vote online, though. Sorry.

And if you’ll be out of Australia for a longer period, you may be eligible to register as an eligible overseas elector. Though this probably won’t help you this go-around.

Now go forth and multiply!…erm, vote.

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