Venezuelan food ranges from assuredly Latin American combinations of meat and corn to the Caribbean flavours of seafood and chilli.

Maize-based street foods include hallacas – stuffed maize-dough parcels that are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed; and arepas – small grilled flatbreads filled with sweet or savoury fillings.

Pabellon criollo is hugely popular – shredded beef with beans, rice, cheese and plantain – all fried up and served in massive portions.

On the coast expect to find simple fish soups, as well as crayfish and prawns, all accompanied by plantains.

Venezuelans are famous for their love of steaks – and you’ll have no problem finding one larger than your appetite.


Venezuelans like their coffee short and strong, it’s high quality stuff, but can make your hair stand on end. 

As you’d expect from a tropical country, fruit and fruit juices are excellent in Venezuela. Try a merengada – fruit juice mixed with milk.