Not many outside of the world’s army of Gleeks would have cared who Morris was before the weekend, but now the 25-year-old’s name will have attracted more than a few extra hits on Google.

One shot shows Heather, who plays Brittany S. Pierce in the hit US TV show, donning her Slave 4 U outfit from the Britney Spears episode of Glee, while another shows her wearing a black bikini top and miniskirt.

Other shots, however, are slightly more intimate, showing the young woman baring her naked body for the camera.

Morris has remained quiet about the leak, but did pose for nude pictures before she shot to fame on Glee.

And talking about the nude shots recently, Heather said: ‘For me, I think they are beautiful. It’s not something I’m ashamed of.

“Everybody should do tasteful beautiful nudes – so when you get older you’re gonna be like, “Oh that’s when my body looked so great!” ‘