Earlier this year 104-year-old great grandmother Peggy McAlpine had her World’s Oldest Paraglider titled unceremoniously stolen away from her by 101-year-old American Mary Allen Hardison.

But Peggy, who uses a wheelchair, reclaimed her title after completing a tandem jump from a 2400m peak in Northern Cyprus, where she now lives.

Peggy said she first got a taste for extreme sport after her grandchildren talked her into doing a bungee jump aged 80.

Peggy has seen five monarchs and 26 prime minister come and go in her life, and even knew a survivor of the Titanic.

“I enjoyed every minute of it. It was better than the last time. I would certainly like to do it again – especially if anyone takes my record,” she told The Express.

Check out a video of Peggy in action below.