But three of the TV programmes stars yesterday said their fellow Shirefolk had nothing to be disturbed about.

Mates Mitch, Andy and Simon – all 23 – said they joined the Channel 10 series “for a bit of fun”, and said they would never make their little slice of Australia look bad.

“People have seen the leaked clips of the show and got the wrong idea. We’d never go on a show that was like Jersey Shore,” Mitch said.

“We’re having so much fun, hey, and we’ve got nothing to hide.”

While filming has been happening for a couple of weeks, locals said that yesterday was the first time film crews were spotted on Cronulla St, the main shopping strip.

Onlookers said the shoot had the lads trying to find a perfect outfit for Andy to wear to a speed-dating event. For those who care, he walked away with a chequered shirt and mustard chinos.

Earlier in the year, Sutherland Mayor Carol Provan slammed the series, saying it was an absolute joke and pledged to install a boomgate at the border of the region to stop production of the show.

“(The producers) said they had the opportunity to come here and expose what The Shire was all about … how beautiful it is – the beaches and the parks. Something that would be wonderful for us,” she said.

“(But) it’s just tacky and I have had so many emails today from residents who have been emailing me and ringing me saying; ‘Carol I can’t believe that this is going ahead’.

“We are going to fight this.”

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer David Mott was surprised at the criticism.

“It is disappointing the councillors have made assumptions about The Shire before discussing it fully with us,” Mott said.

“Their concerns appear to be based on footage that was leaked online, footage that has triggered some inaccurate, misleading and – in some cases – mischievous reporting.”