Famous last words for this cute Aussie who underestimated her weight, as well as how much drink she’d had, while sitting on her friend’s roof.

Despite a warning, she figured she was fine – until the inevitable happened and the roof gave way, sending her to the ground below.

The calamity caused much mirth to her friend as well as the thousands who will inevitably watch the video.

YouTube users were in fine form with their comments.

Eternald4 wrote: “I guess that wasn’t diet beer”

And Haggidubious posted: “Her drink…did she spill any of her drink, damn it?!”

Sdotlock lamented the poor quality of iPhone cameras

“It’s just such a shame we couldnt see her face as she fell,” they wrote.

Apparently, our new Australian friend was ok. Still no word on her beer, though. We’ll keep you posted.

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