The royal undercrackers sport an embroidered E and a crown, and have already secured bids of over £3000.

They are supposedly being sold by the estate of Baron Joseph de Bicske Bonronyi, a Hungarian-born aristocrat, art collector, movie producer, sportsman and sculptor.

The item’s listing claims Queen Elizabeth’s underthings were left on a private plane during the Queen’s 1968 journey to Chile.

The pilot of the plane apparently recovered them before giving them to his mate, Bonronyi – an altogether plausible and normal thing for a person to do.

The listing however adds: “Since Buckingham Palace or the garment maker have not confirm or deny the authenticity that this pair of underpants are from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the estate cannot confirm its provenance and it is the buyer’s responsibility to do that on their own before bidding.”

It isn’t the first pair of royal bloomers to up for auction, after a pair of Queen Victoria’s gruds sold for £9500 last year.

Image via Getty

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