The BBC’s Simon McCoy gave many a much needed chuckle this morning when viewers caught a glimpse of him face down on his desk, seemingly catching some shut eye.

The TV panned across the studio and caught the 50-year old presenter off guard ahead of his early morning broadcast.

Many took to Twitter to share the laugh, with McCoy even joining in himself later saying that it was a “long desk head banging that was not meant to be picked up in the BBC1 opt!”

It comes after news earlier this week that a Fox news correrspondent in the States got caught asleep at his desk, when a feed from the Miswest studio cut to his Washington DC station, only to find him head bowed and catching some shut eye too.

The lesson to be learned here is that falling asleep at your desk is never a good eye. You are going to get found out, especially if that desk is the one that is being beamed across the country on the nation’s most widely watched breakfast channel.

Photo: BBC.