Veteran news reader George Alagiah’s News at Six broadcasts have been ingeniously edited to create a plethora of increasingly improbable and unanimously hilarious news stories.

Cassetteboy, who have previously remixed The One Show, The Apprentice, and BNP leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time, is the work of Brixton-based electronic music maestros Mike Bolton and Steve Warlin.

“We’ve got pretty good at spotting what will be suitable material,” they told The Huffington Post.

“It’s quite rare for us to start a piece and not finish it. It does happen occasionally though, and sometimes the pieces end up being much shorter than we’d planned.

“The time it takes can vary enormously depending on the source material. A political speech is probably the easiest thing to cut up, as it is just one person speaking, well recorded, and often we can find a transcript, which helps enormously. So we can turn that around in a few days.”

Check out their YouTube channel for all their videos.

Image via YouTube