The clip of the human statue performing on Cavill Avenue in Surfer’s Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast, shows him shaking hands with a small boy before a man enters the shot and begins touching the performer.

The man, wearing one of the worst shirts ever caught on camera, continues to touch the street performer, slapping him on the ears and wiggling his hat.

The street performer maintains his calm staying perfectly still whilst the man continues to assault him, eventually giving him a wet willie in his left ear.

A small audience watches on nervously as the man moves to the front of the performer and begins rubbing the front of his face.

The performer finally snaps and unleashes a textbook right cross which hits the man in the appalling shirt right in the kisser.

Check out the video below. Isn’t that one of the worst shirts you’ve ever seen? With the frickin’ white collar?

What do you think? Did the dude deserve a clip? Was his shirt grounds enough for a beating? Or did the street performer overreact?