In a heart-wrenching video of a mother elephant struggling to get her baby out of a well, conservationists come to the rescue and after several attempts manage to pull the calf free.

 Arriving at the scene, their jeeps are confronted by two adult elephants in distress. The team scares them away, but the reluctant mother tries to stay with her baby by the well. “Forwards, forwards, forward,” said the conservationist driving the jeep. “push her, go on, go go go.”

 After lots of panting and cries, the mother finally moves on, keeping a watchful eye from afar.

The baby elephant slips and slides at the side of the well, which is filled with water. Without human intervention it may not have survived.

The team manages to tie a rope around the calf, which is tied to the bumper. The jeep eventually reverses and they drag the baby from the hole.

Amboseli Trust for Elephants received a call that the young calf was trapped, luckily they found out before predators or herders arrived at the watering hole, to feed their cattle.

“It was a happy ending as we were able to reunite the calf with her mother, Zombe,”  commented a member of the Amboseli Trust team.

Picture: YouTube