It’s the same thing that’s brilliant about any telly involving animals: that constant overhanging tension, that at at any moment the animals will remember its an animal, and things will go catastrophically wrong. And as Blue Peter taught us, if things do go wrong, it’ll probably involve poop.

Libby, a five-year-old mongrel competing in this year’s Cruft’s agility competition proved this maxim once again.

UPDATE: PETA names Libby the Crufts pooing pooch ‘Dog of the Year’ 

Libby was flying through the course until she reached the slalom posts, whereupon she heard the call of nature, and like any animal, happily free from the ludicrous constraints of social acceptability, she answered that call, then and there.

Unfortunately for Libby, and her owner Claire Richardson, pooping midway through the course is against the rules and the poor dog was disqualified.

We’re not sure how pooping mid-run helps any competing dog, but there you go, rules are rules, and while at Crufts it’s considered perfectly okay to shove your finger up a dog’s rectum during its inspection, it’s not okay for a dog to shit. Go figure.

Image via YouTube