The footage of the attempted robbery released yesterday (watch it below) shows six armed thugs pull up to the store and attempt to wheel a £25,000 Ducati Superbike out of the showroom before running into fierce resistance from the showroom staff.

Sales manager, Paul Read, 35, was the first on the scene and pushed off the two robbers off of the red 1199 Panigale Ducati and drags it hastily back into the store.

However, the conflict did not end there as Paul, and his son, store assistant, Tay, 17, and the showroom boss, Adrian Couzens, continued to hold off the crooks outside the shop.

CCTV shows two nearby garage staff and Couzens, 29, charging in from across the street to put one of the robbers in a headlock and knock a another thug off his bike twice.

The gang then attacked the staff with iron bars and bolt cutters, swinging and hurling them for the latter half of the video, one of the weapons striking Paul in the shoulder.


Couzens, who sustained a broken wrist from the event, said that the In Moto showroom in Croydon had been target of three crimes in the past few years.

Tay Read commented: “These guys thought they knew what they were doing but they more than they bargained for.”

Couzens, the most involved in the attack said that his thoughts upon first seeing the robbery were: “I’m not going to stand for this.”

He added, “I didn’t think about it, I just went at them like a bull in a china shop. They needed to be taught a lesson and taught them that we can’t mess with us.”

“If they come back they’ll get the same treatment.”

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