At 3970 Spencer Street, you will find a ’70s-era bomb shelter, unlike any others you have seen; The three bedroom home is kitted with a 1 bedroom guest house, garden, trees (made of plastic, perfect for those afraid of gardening upkeep), a pool and jacuzzi, astroturf, a full sized kitchen, “outdoor” water well, wet bar, and even a fireplace. According to the realtor, Winston King, the structure even has a lighting system that reflects the time of day. 

The video on Youtube, featuring Winston King, shows us around the property in more detail – paying close attention to the features which also include a dance floor and putting green – entertainment was obviously of the highest importance, and you won’t have any neighbours to complain about the noise.

The property is surrounded by a 360 degree mural which depicts various scenes such as skiing and lake-side landscapes; it took approximately three years to paint, during which she inhabited the property. 

It can be yours for $1.7 million; quite the saving considering the bill for the build was approximately $10 million – originally built by an Avon executive, due to his fear of the imminent Cold War.