In the short film ‘Variables’ (scroll down for the video) fearless Kimi Werner, who grew up in Maui – the second largest Hawaiian island, shows off her diving skills and takes an underwater ride on the dorsal fin of a great white shark.

%TNT Magazine% patagonia jellyfish swim Kimi Werner

Werner, who won the U.S. National Spearfishing Championship in 2008, is an ‘ambassador’ for Californian high-end adventure clothing brand Patagonia, who support environmental causes.

“My earliest years were spent growing up in a small shack in Haiku, Maui….we were apparently very poor back then, but my sister and I never knew it. Life was magical. Living simply off of the land and ocean gave us our values,” she told Patagonia.

“The moment I took up freediving and spearfishing again, I reconnected to the happiness of my childhood.”

%TNT Magazine% patagonia bikini swim Kimi Werner

In the video below, Werner ‘treads the line between predator and prey’ by well and truly getting amongst the aquatic wildlife. Spectacular stuff.

Images: YouTube/Patagonia