You think she would have known the girl was ‘trouble when she walked in’, but this Taylor Swift look-a-like got taken by surprise when a fellow student at her college grabbed her by the hair, pulled her backwards off her chair and started kicking her in the face, she claims.

Xenna Kristian, who earns money making appearances as a Taylor Swift impersonator, believes jealousy was the motive behind her alleged attack, after she was signed to a management firm due to her appearance  in a ‘major musical performance’.

The student says she has often been the victim of mean comments and Tweets, but says it has become worse since her look-a-like status “became official”. Sure enough, even since her alleged attack, girls have taken to Twitter to fling insults, such as calling her a “famewhore”.

Xenna has had to take time off work and school due to the bruising on her face, and if it turns out she has a broken jaw, she will not be able to work for almost two months.