As the gang approach the dark shape in the water ahead on board a rib dinghy, one lad gets a shove and nearly takes a dip.

The lad manages to clamber back onto the boat in the nick of time as they sweep past the shark, which is clearly visible above the surface of the water “He’s right there!” the gang shout as they pass close by.

%TNT Magazine% surfer shoved into water shark smile

Giggling at the near-miss, the Irish lad smiles and sees the funny side. The man filming on his mobile exclaims “What the fuck? That was mad!”

%TNT Magazine% basking shark
A basking shark (Thinkstock images)

The beast in question was likely to be a basking shark. Although they can look imposing and scary in the water, the basking shark is a harmless fish which feeds on plankton.