Okay, not much, and you’ll question whether it’s even real life.

You see, a video posted to Youtube by a user has captured the moment a driver and people dressed as Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob Squarepants, Scrat and another cartoon character got into fistycuffs for reasons unknown.

The episode starts with a van speeding up to and then stopping in front of a minivan. The irate van driver then leaves his vehicle and walks over to confront his opposite number.

But as he peers through the window, Mickey and Co get out the other side in a scene that resembles a comedy sketch – much to the joy of those recording.

The foursome then proceeds to pummel the driver, until one of the characters loses his head – and they flee the scene.

It literally takes the Mickey out of road rage.

You can find the vid in question on Youtube

Image via Thinkstock