Minami Minegishi, a member of the hugely popular girlband AKB48 who have sold in excess of 125million records, was caught last month coming out of her boyfriend’s flat by newspaper Shukan Bunshun, something that is forbidden for the group.

The twenty-year old singer appeared in the four-minute clip to apologise for her actions.

“As a senior member of the group,” Minegishi said, “it is my responsibility to be a role model for younger members.”

She appeared in the clip with her head shaved, a common act of apology in Japanese culture, and visibly tearful.

Compared to the indiscretions of other boy and girl bands, and rock stars in general, known for their debauched, hedonistic, hotel trashing lifestyles, Minegishi’s actions do not even register. All she did was share an evening with her boyfriend.

Photo: YouTube.