And at the weekend’s Soccer Aid at Old Trafford, Pizzorno showed he has lost none of the skills that led him to trials with Nottingham Forest as a youth, lobbing former England keeper David Seaman for a glorious first half goal.

And it certainly impressed the hell out of fans and YouTubers.

SpoofExReviews had this spot-on observation of the goal: “As this is a FIFA Officiated match, Sergio Pizzorno has officially had a better season that Stewart Downing…”

And lawlore wrote: “I hope lots of people have forwarded this to Roy Hodgson and the FA. Who needs Andy Carroll?”

The English team featuring the likes of Olly Murs, Teddy Sheringham and Robbie Williams, while the Rest of the World outfit included Gerard Butler, Ed Norton, Jaap Stam, Will Ferrell and Mike Myers.

Watch the video below and also watch Pizzorno’s 2010 superb Soccer AM goal.

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