Michael Garnier has a wealth of other tree puns (more later) and says he has the biggest concentration of treehouse in the world.

“I know that because I‘ve been claiming that for years and no one’s told me different,” he says.

He describes the feeling of staying in one of his biggest treehouses as like living on the top of a six-storey building.

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“It’s got 75 steps to get to,” he says “so it’s a long way back of you’ve left something in your room.

After leaving the army in 1974, Garnier said he made a conscious decision to live with the land more.

In what the former military man descries as a “hippified deal”, he explored options for how to make a living of the trees without cutting them down.

As a result, Garnier has created what looks like an Ewok (remember those funny giant teddy bear creatures from the Star Wars movies) village, despite initial opposition from planning authorities.

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Guests at the treesort can get right back to nature: there’s no air-con, phones or TV in the rooms.

Besides the obviously healthy and adventurous attitude Garnier expects guests to already possess, he advises bringing a good sense of humor and whatever normal gear people usually travel with.

And as for those puns: well David says his lifestyle is ‘tree’-ific and also ‘tree’-mendous.

If you’re a sucker for punishment, or you want to book a stay, you can always head to his website treehouses.com

Here’s a video, and below that, just cos we like Ewoks – a Kanye West and Ewoks mash-up.