Romano, 24, who lost his lost his legs when he was in a train accident as a teenager, made the semi-finals at the Tampa Pro 2012 competition in Tampa, Florida on the weekend, further reward for constant skating and pushing boundaries since taking up the sport a few years ago.

As a 13-year-old, Romano, of Curitiba, Brazil, was playing with friends on a train, balancing between carriages when he fell and lost his legs.

Refusing to let it get him down, he took up skateboarding and is now rated one of the best in the business – considered better than many able-bodied competitors.

His stunning skills have been documented by photographer Ricardo Porva, who said: “When I first saw Italo I was amazed and I noticed, despite his disability, he had a great style.’

“He has a big heart and soul and is so funny, all the day smiling. I wanted to photograph him and show the world what a talent he has.

“He learns new tricks so fast and is so loved in Brazil, I wanted others to see him.”